This is Joya Monroe. My adorable 8 year old daughter. She is very sporty; does gymnastics once a week, loves rollerskating and has 4 swimming diplomas: she just loooves to swim! She also does synchronized swimming, which is right up her alley; combining swimming with gymnastics, music and dance! Her zodiac sign is pisces so maybe that’s where her love for water comes from.

Joya has an older brother, Jayden, who is almost 14 years old. And then we have Joey & Janice, our cats. And let’s not forget about Jellybean, our little hedgehog! This makes us the “6 J’s” and together the six of us live in a little village in the north of the Netherlands.

Joya’s style is fun, colourful and cute. She is also very smart and sassy and has superlong hair. Her favourite movies are Brave, Vaiana, Coco and Rapunzel. But she also loves the Dutch “Mees Kees”movies.

On this blog Joya and I want to show you everything we love. From fun DIY’s, yummy recipes, fab fashion to reviewing books, movies, testing toys and much, much more! We hope you enjoy it all!

Much love, Judith


Is Joya Monroe her real name? Yes, it really is! Monroe is Joya’s middle name.

When is Joya’s birthday? Her birthday is on the 19th of February. And one week later is my own birthday (the 27th) and the day after that (the 28th) is Jaydens birthday. So we always have this whole partyweek at the end of February!

Who designed the illustration at the top of the blog? The cute drawing of Joya was made by the lovely and super talented Romy from Studio Peonia!